Visualising income and expense

Can you allocate 5 minutes in a day? Then read on...

Think your household budget as a business entity for profit.

The first step is to keep a track of your income and expenses.

Writing daily spends can seem daunting, boring and cumbersome too.

Do you realise journaling is a proven way of recording expenses?

To start, it can be written in a book/diary/mobile note pads

Now, on an average there around 7-10 transactions in a day? (incl. cash and credit card expenses)

What happens when you note down all this?

– gives you a sense of per day spends that add up to weekly, monthly trends

– helps visualise impulsive purchases, makes one orient towards discipline

– brings organisation and orderliness to expense chaos

– Cash position is near accurate as credit card expenses are accounted on the day of swipe (no surprises later on!)

It also has a positive aspect on the financial psyche of one’s mind.

Baseline: A few minutes spent daily can free up many hours of internal monologuing about financial decisions

Are you doing all this already? Or are you ready to take the plunge?

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