Thankful amidst a pandemic

If there is something that the last 12 months have taught us is that “less is more”

In a pre-covid world, almost anything we needed for our daily lifestyle was a click away.

According to our whims and fancies, we could go overboard and indulge, literally across our likes.

But, every peak should have a low and correct itself.

All that online stores and credit card could buy resulted in overload, debt, anxiety and waste.

In the current times we live in, having the basic necessities fulfilled is something to be thankful and grateful about.

For this reason, I have started my journey on cutting down/rationalising on unwanted/unused stuff

Weeded off stuff not used over the last one year (both physical and digital)

Goodness stemming out of this is decreased cognitive load (6 months now)

As Lao Tzu said “To gain knowledge add things everyday; to gain wisdom, subtract things everyday”

Have you thought about this?

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