Prisoner tale on survival mode

Admiral James Stockdale was a war prisoner during the Vietnam war for 8 years between 1965-1973.

He was tortured in the prison and went through brutal physical abuse that he could not stand upright and walk normally.

No prisoner rights, no set release date—darkness all around with bleak hopes of survival.

However, he went on to reunite with his family after being released and became an advocate of stoic philosophy at Stanford.

No wonder he attained a National Hero status!

One of Stockdale’s strong message was to “keep unwavering faith of prevailing in the endgame but have the discipline to confront the hard reality of current times”

The whole world is on a survival mode amidst Covid-19.

We do not know when this crisis will fade off or if this is what is living in the new world is all about.

Let’s do our best to spread positivity and cheer-up everyone around us.

We are in this together and will fight this together.

Enter Stockdale Paradox! — let the world embrace it.

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