Life lessons from the game of golf

The game of golf carries with it a charm for making business deals with clients.

Its not only a networking ‘course’.

It does give a cent or two for the players in other spheres of life.

Come, let’s take a look at it.

Focusing on the next shot; instead of dwelling in the past thinking about wasted resources, take time to reflect, learn lessons from failed endeavours. To move from the trap to the green!

Playing the ball as it lies; deal with the situation as it is without adjustments. You figure it out to move into a favorable position rather than feeling stuck at the current place. Solution mindset (to augur faith and cooperation amongst people) vs. a complaining mindset.

Environment of the golf course is key not your opponent; understanding the landscape of where you operate assumes significance than the playing partner itself. This will define your strategic moves than solely focusing on competitors (peers) without losing sight of big picture.

Balance driving range and putting green; your tee-shots are as important as your putts. A set of bad shots at the beginning can’t be done good later on, most of the times. So, work done in small parts should bear the stamp of precision instead of waiting for the D-day to arrive to showcase your performance.

Now, that’s a few pointers for you to ponder over the weekend.

Happy thinking!

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