If you can run, why not fly?

When aerial locomotion was a distant dream, Wright brothers invented the flight.

Curiosity is the seed of thought that led them to argue around various ideas and try different experiments.

Their testing and air feats were nothing but an act of relentless courage, despite various odds and hurdles.

All this to give ‘wings’ to their imagination and realise that aerial locomotion was not a dream anymore.

That’s conviction! 

Innovation stems from 3C’s — curiosity, courage and conviction

No thought/idea is silly. 

Put it in a paper. 

Bounce it off to close circles.

Allow it to evolve and keep nurturing it overtime. 

And importantly, execute the idea in the form of test, trials 

After all Wright brothers were not trained engineers. 

They were raised to have an insatiable intellectual curiosity. 

And, that’s the genesis of a conception

If you stay curious and self-aware, your intuition and conviction will be your compass

Scott Belsky

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