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Its a wicked world out there…

Most of us as professionals become an expert over time in our chosen field.

Our thinking is developed in a particular way that suits the requirement of the day to day routines and challenges we face during the stint.

This leads to what is known as cognitive entrenchment (act of becoming rigid under pressure and leaning on known patterns).

To overcome this, people take a step into a totally new vocation (called circuit breakers) that rewires their brain in different ways. Eg. pursuing sports, music, theatre, volunteering

As Christopher Connolly, the psychology transition expert puts it: the successful adapters were excellent at taking knowledge from one pursuit and applying it creatively to another. They drew on outside experiences and analogies to interrupt their inclination towards a previous solution that may no longer work.

To give a crude sense of what the above means is like travelling on a eight-lane highway than down a single-lane one-way street.

Well, after all, we have to keep shift lanes at some point of time during the journey (in this wicked world) and it never hurts to expand our range.

PS: Do get to pick up the book ‘Range’ by David Epstein from which this post was inspired.

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