Amidst anxiety and ambiguity

In 1940-41, the Brits were moving shelters everyday as German forces rained down bombs on them. 

There was anxiety and panic all around. 

The term safety didn’t have a meaning but for in the dictionary.

Hitler’s forces attacked every other night, barely missing the royal family and their offices.

Yet, at dawn, the Brits went back to work, play and shopping—as if it was normal, leaving the misery behind.


One man, Winston Churchill kept rallying the rather weakened country and helped it persevere.

Here are some of Winston Churchill’s leadership traits:

– Responsive communication: being brutally honest and fostering hope. Gave his protege the big picture and championed their efforts 

– Thinking on the feet to neutralise the Nazi advantages and persuading America to join forces

– Being fearless; hearing first hand stories on the ground and reassuring hope

– Trusted inner circle for team work; Max Aitken to accelerate the production of bombers and fighters, and Frederick Lindemann (German) for the technological contribution.

Anxiety and ambiguity are best friends in the current times.

Let’s rise and tackle them both with the leader in us.

So, do your part and allow others to do their part as well!

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